Franchise Proposal

Delhi Board Computer Education(DBCE) provides single source of quality assurance in computer education among the nation’s non-formal institute, after turning out competent IT professionals in large numbers. DBCE aims to provide maximum benefits to Authorised Training Centre (ATC) and students with quality.
Guidelines for Authorised Training Centre / Franchise
Delhi Board Computer Education(DBCE) is a mission to literate the masses in computer education. For this great mission Delhi Board Computer Education requires thousands of people.
First of all we must thank you and appreciate you for your kind interest in Franchise enquiry of Delhi Board Computer Education (DBCE). If you want to have Franchise in any district, city, village or area, all over the India then as per the requirements you must have 5-10 computers in your computer Lab, sufficient space for the training of minimum 50 to 100 students (200 -500 Sq. Feet approx.), one theory room, one reception and one office room.